Shavuot at Dallal Bakery

Shavuot at Dallal Bakery

Aner zalel and Dallal’s Bakery staff, offer a collection which combines classic, traditional and unique set of products for Shavuot: sweet and savory pastries, breads and most important – a dream team of cheese cakes

Shavuot collection:

Nut and raisin bread – 24 Nis
Grain bread – 24 Nis

Puff pastry with leek and cheese/spinach and artichoke – 90 Nis
Quiches with Mushroom/ tomato and olive/ sweet potato and spinach – 90 Nis

Ricotta brownie – 42 Nis
Ricotta and cranberry krants – 42 Nis

Cheesecake small/large – 90/145 Nis
Red fruit and ricotta puff pastry – 110 Nis
Cream cheese tart with Amarna cherries – 110 Nis

Shavuot at Dallal Bakery – starts Monday June 6th.

On Friday June 10th the bakery will be open until 17:00.

On Sunday June 12th the bakery will be closed.

For orders – 03-5109292