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The Restaurant

Dallal  is located in the historic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The word “Dallal” has several meanings in Arabic, amongst others, prosperity, indulgence and a meeting place whose focal point is good food. All of these elements reflect the essence of Dallal.

The restaurant is situated on the corner of the main street Shabazi and the magical Kol Israel Haverim alley. Dallal offers a classic European kitchen with Mediterranean influences, using top notch seasonal ingredients.

The Bakery

A selection of sweet and savory pastries, baked goods and desserts that combine nostalgic Israeli flavors with a variety of European classics.

A wide variety of cakes, danish pastries, croissants and sourdough breads are baked throughout the day by a team of bakers headed by Pastry Chef Timor Lavi .

A place to rest, taste and take home your favorite goodies.

Cafe Dallal

Cafe Dallal, the love child of the restaurant and the bakery, is the perfect combination between the Dallal superb brunch and the bakery’s stunning pastries. Cafe Dallal features some of the most loved brunch dishes alongside some brand new appearances. In addition, the cafe offers a unique line of grab-&-go salads, sandwiches, and a variety of pastries, breads, and cakes that arrive directly from the hot ovens of the famous Dallal Bakery in Neve Tsedek.

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Enter the world of Dallal events, where we carefully curate every detail into extraordinary experiences, in quality and style,
that leave an impression on the hosts and the guests.
Since 2007, Dallal has been leading the local excellence of Mediterranean cuisine, local and seasonal,
in combination with the best artisanal baking of the legendary Dallal Patisserie,
between the walls of one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Israel,
in the heart of the alleys of the romantic Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

Adi – 054-9010112